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+Digital Institute’s purpose is to assess the level of digital maturityof your company to help you make decisions about the use of technology in the organization, guiding the investments and optimizing the existing resources.


  • See the actual impacts of technology on your business.

  • Make your technology investments to generate more business opportunities.

  • Learn where your organization is on its journey towards digital transformation.


By conducting a survey with your employees we prepare a report that reveals the level of digital maturity of your company.

The purpose of the assessment is to map and reveal how the digital pillars are used and inserted in your company – and then use that to help you make better decisions and investments in this field.

You pay per “wave” and you have access to a fully computerized system to start the assessment whenever you like, wherever you like, and in whatever language you need.


"When we mapped our level of digital maturity, we had an overview of each unit of our network and the franchisor and we got to know each other better and make important investment decisions on technologies and directions in the management of people, so keeping us in evidence in the market"
Rodrigo Abreu, President - AlphaGraphics

"Brilliant idea, exemplary execution! This tool solves the issue that seemed so subjective to understand how a company behaves in face of digital technologies. And the results, very rich so that they act in the evolution of the maturity of the team. Excellent!"
Mauricio Fernandes, President - Dedalus

“Digital tsunami: everyone is starting to worry about being ubered; you suddenly wake up to find your legacy business gone.”

Maurice Lévy, CEO of Publicis Groupe

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